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2014 Artists


Marlow Rosado

Sol y Son


Rolando Nichols

2014 performances by...

Albita – Grammy and Emmy Award winning Artist

Two time Grammy winner and Emmy-recipient, Albita is the most authentic Cuban singer hailing from Havana that has been able to move the world through her music. Albita is “the reincarnation of a 1930's European chanteuse, a Berlin Cabaret singer transfused with Latin blood" says Los Angeles Times. As a young singer through her authentic roots, she made herself noticed by her dynamic contribution to the renovation of traditional Cuban music and adding a very personal style to her compositions, musical arrangements and singing.
Since arriving in Miami, FL in 1993, her electrifying and mesmerizing performance of contagious Cuban music has elevated her career to an international level, performing all throughout Europe, Latin America, Australia, Africa and Malaysia, where she has shared the stage with such greats as the late Celia Cruz, Tito Puentes, Oscar de Leon, Gilberto Gil, Juan Luis Guerra, Tito Nieves, Daniela Mercury, Miriam Makeeba, Phil Collins, Melissa Etheridge, and Tony Bennett.   In the year 2000 world renowned photographer, Annie Leibovitz, chooses Albita to be part of her book, "Women". While performing in Little Havana in Miami, she began to attract the attention of famous celebrities like, Gianni Versace, Quincy Jones, Madonna, Sly Stallone, Paco de Lucia, Marco Antonio Muniz, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, among others.Her high energy performance combines all genres of Cuban music: Rumba,Mambo, Son, Afro-Cuban rhythms and Folk. She does it with true authenticity to her Cuban roots. Her live performance is riveting and unforgettable, portraying a true artist who is here to stay.   Albita has recorded 8 albums in the states which all have been Grammy nominated. In the year 2004, she created her own independent record label, Angels’ Dawn Records, where she recorded and released the two time Grammy winning album titled “ALBITA LLEGO” which won in the category of “Best Contemporary Tropical Album of the Year” and for “Executive Producer” of the album.   In 2005, Albita signed a contract with producers from Broadway for a major role in the Musical Play “The Mambo Kings.” Albita’s role as Evalina Montoya received outstanding reviews portraying her as a charismatic and outstanding performer with a commanding presence on stage through the power of her voice and performance.   Albita has performed in four presidential inaugurations. She was the Queen of Carnaval Calle Ocho for 2005, one of the largest Latin festivals in the United States attracting over 1 million people every year. In 2008, Albita is the host of her own national television show with MEGA TV called “La Descarga Con Albita.” It is a musical entertainment show where Albita interacts and performs with top international artists. Albita wins an Emmy award for “Best Arts & Entertainment Program” and the show wins two Emmys for “Art Direction, Graphics and Animations.” "Albita, is the most authentic voice in exile" (Emilio Estefan Jr) "The timeless spice of Albita" (Oprah Winfrey, at Quincy Jones 50th Anniversary Celebration)   In 2009, Albita released “Mis Tacones”, which included a duo with international singing sensation Gilberto Santa Rosa. As executive producer, singer, composer and arranger.   May of 2013, Albita releases under her own label Angels' Dawn Records her fourth CD, “Una Mujer Que Canta”.   Albita, without a doubt is one of the most versatile artists of our times.

Marlow Rosado – American Grammy Artist

From salsa to rock, from merengue to hip-hop, from bachata to reggaeton, producer / composer / pianist Marlow Rosado has had his musical hand in all of it. A native of Puerto Rico, he is a salsero at heart, but has successfully written, played and produced hits in a variety of musical styles for some of the most renowned artists in Latin music.

From the driving rock tracks he co-wrote on Alejandra Guzman’s “Lipstick,” (nominated for   Best Rock Album of the Year by both the American and Latin Grammys), to the emotionally   charged Yolandita Monge production, “SENTIMIENTO BORINQUEÑO,” written as a love   letter to his home land, with touches of artists the likes of Elvis Crespo and Puerto Rican Power   thrown in for good measure, and it’s easy to realize that Marlow Rosado’s compositions are   heard across airwaves the world over on a daily basis. </span><span style="font-size: 11.8181819915771px; line-height: 15.8079996109009px;">However, ask him what his proudest   moments as a composer have been, and without pause he names his compositions “Me Dejo En   El Aire” and “Un No Se Que,” being recorded by the legendary El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico.  He has played and worked with a diverse repertoire of artists including Celia Cruz, the   unforgettable Tejana signer Selena, Larry Harlow, Tommy Olivencia, Marc Anthony, Ricardo   Montaner, Olga Tañón and Desmond Child, among others. Recently, he arranged and directed   the horns sessions for Ricky Martin's new production.  Marlow earned a Masters degree in Jazz Education, and he has taught at the elementary as well   as the University level. He is continually sought out by Latin Artists for his musical arrangement   skills, his aggressive montunos on the piano, as well as his ability to direct orchestras for artists   such as the late Salsa legend Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Jr., Tito Nieves, and many others. It is   not uncommon to see Marlow’s name on CD liner notes, whether it is as a pianist, producer,   songwriter or musical director.  But now, with the birth of Marlow Rosado y La Riqueña, the man behind the music takes to the   stage himself, with the project closest to his heart and years in the making.

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Sol y Son international Guest

Sol y Son was created as a trio in 1993, by its director Jorge L. de la Uz Soler. In search of a different vocal balance, they decided to incorporate a female voice that would expand to all the genres of the international music and principally the Cuban.Since that time they have participated in numerous international performances including Dubai and Qatar. The demands of the international scene and the approach of new musical possibilities in terms of arrangements and genres that make up their repertoire, identified the need to incorporate on a permanent basis, a flutist, the one who was working with the group for more than two years.


Tachuela- Columbian Trovador, Columbian comedian folk singers

Born John Jiro Garrido, Tachuela or Tachuelita as his friends call him, was born in Medellin, Colombia. As a young comedian, humorist and improviser, his song, rhythms and verses has permitted him to travel all corners of the world representing well his native Colombia. His witty humor in his song and verses has provoked laughter for his audiences. He is the winner of several improvisational festivals in Colombia and Canada. Tachuelita has invited guest Albarito to join him on the stage of Conga Caliente!


Rolando Nichols

Rolando Nichols has 15 years of experience in television as a reporter and news anchor and sports. Roland is currently national MundoFOX News presenter, based in Los Angeles, and leads the newscast from 5:30 to 10:30 PM, Monday through Friday.
From 2009 until 2011, Rolando was the Spanish voice of Anaheim Los Angeles on ESPN Radio. I also served as a reporter for Fox Sports Broadcasts in major league baseball during the regular season and post season. Before becoming a major league broadcaster, he worked for 12 years for Univision in Phoenix and Los Angeles. In 2005, Rolando received the highest recognition in broadcast journalism class, was awarded the prestigious Peabody Award for special series titled "The 15% of the population in the United States" or in English, "15% of the population in the United States, "a deep look at the past, present and future of the Hispanic community in the United States. Nichols won the Edward R. Murrow Award for excellence in journalism and a regional Emmy award and Gabriel among others, for their work. Rolando Nichols is married Wende and both have four children.

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