Conga Caliente



11am - 6pm @

Al Lopez Park

Produced by
A Full production *Professional Sound* Mobile Stage

Don't Miss a Beat!

2014 Artists

Coming soon...

Check out this last years artists:

Leslie Grace

Luisito Ayala

Mariachi Nuevo Estilo ADM

2013 performances by...

Leslie Grace

  • This young New Yorker, born of Dominican parents, and who currently lives in Davie FL., was entertaining her five older siblings and parents when she could barely speak. Rather than dismiss it as childish games, her family gave her the confidence to trust in her talent and pursue success doing what she loves: writing and performing. That trust has paid off.

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Luisito Ayala

Mariachi Nuevo Estilo A.D.M.

Matt Hunter

Presented by Ultra Fiesta

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Anais & Enrique Gratas

Presented by Estrella TV

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